β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹Charlie Cakes

 is a   fun loving actor

and voice over talent who

is always up to work on

new interesting projects.

Two types of projects that really appeal to her are :

- Pee-your-pants-funneh!

-or and anything that provokes social change or and awareness. 

Originally Charlie is from Tanzania but grew up in Oman, then lived in Malaysia for four years before moving to New York  then Los Angeles. She's always been an adventurer and she uses her sense of curiosity to explore different canvases of art through comic relief and drama .

While Charlie Cakes has experience  as a columnist and radio jockey her path  falls on  the thrilling and fulfilling pastures of acting, comedy, voice over and youtube. Charlie likes to stretch herself and indulge in all her artistic sensibilities, including writing.

Charlie's journey has allowed her to meet and work with some of the most  incredible people on the planet, some of who remain cherished friends. Charlie is  looking to extend her incredible work family and get busy on another soul gratifying project in the near future. 

"There's nothing more exciting and satisfying than  performing sketch comedy, getting my hands on a thrilling script or voice over copy that makes me feel connected to a greater sense of purpose or something that makes me literally lol, the louder the better!"

                                                                     - Charlie Cakes